AI is transforming Agriculture…

Using AI /ML algorithms coupled with IoT Sensors & Analytics we are developing SMART Agriculture solutions to increase Crop Yield by controlling various Environmental Parameters.

AI to Predict Crop Yield

We have developed AI / Machine Learning applications using Satellite Remote Sensing (NASA, Landsat-8) to predict Agricultural Yield. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) Regression models were used to build the Prototypes. The Prototypes predicted Corn and Soyabean yield in Iowa and Illinois, USA with accuracy ranging from 70% to 90%. These models were developed to integrate into SatScope, an application used by researchers at Singapore Satellite Technology and Research Centre (STAR, Galassia-II), in future to better understand Crop Patterns.


Today Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning is helping to streamline Administrative Processes in Hospitals, map & treat Infectious Diseases and personalize Medical Treatments. It can impact Hospitals and Health Systems in improving efficiency, while reducing the cost of care.

A New Era of Deep Learning Diagnostics

Chronic Diseases can have dramatic impacts on Patients’ life. The earlier such illnesses are detected, the better are often the possibilities to react medically. We are developing advanced AI / Machine Learning algorithms to predict early detection of diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Alzheimer’s Disease, Glaucoma diagnoses etc in association with reputed Healthcare Organizations and Advanced Research Professionals in Artificial Intelligence.


The Biggest Problems that Customers are highlighting in today’s Online Experience of communication with Brands are that – Websites are difficult to Navigate, it’s hard to find an Answer to a Simple Question or that Service is not accessible by Phone.

A Chatbot is a Service, powered by Rules and sometimes Artificial Intelligence, that you interact with via Chat Interface. It is a Computer Program that Simulates Human Conversation through Voice command or by Text chat.

These Programs are usually created to Simulate how a Person would behave as a Conversational Partner. Chatbots are typically used in Dialog Systems for different practical purposes such as Customer Service.

Our Conversational Agents let you leverage AI at scale and interact in a multitude.

We will develop an AI Powered Chatbot in the Language Customers require and integrate with their Website.


AI – Powered Customer Experience

Digital Humans are AI-powered, Lifelike Characters that can See, Hear and Understand and Create “Real” Human Conversations.

Behind the Digital Human is an AI Platform that determines Behaviour, EQ and Speech in Real-Time, so Conversation can flow naturally, as it tends to in Real Life.

AI is transforming User Experience…

The Digital Human can easily connect to another “Brain” to share Knowledge, whether that’s a Chatbot, NLP or even a Human directly supervising their Learning.

Importantly, Digital Humans can read the Emotional Response of the User for a better, more engaging Customer Experience, and to build better Emotional Connection between the Brand and the User in a way that’s becoming a rarer commodity in a Digital World.

We can Design, Develop and Deploy your own Customised, AI Powered Digital Humans. We can integrate your existing Data, Chatbot or Application and extend the Experience into something more Human.


A Disruptive approach to Maintenance

As the Manufacturing Industry is going through Massive Global Competition, Industry is focusing more on Operational Efficiency by Increasing Productivity, Lowering Maintenance and Reducing the Cost of Repair (COR).

Predictive Maintenance is a Proactive Maintenance Strategy that tries to predict when will a piece of Equipment might fail so that Maintenance work can be performed even before the machine failure happens.

These Predictions are based on the Condition of the Equipment that is evaluated based on the Data gathered through the use of various Condition Monitoring IoT Sensors and Analytical Techniques.

Field Conditions can be captured through Sensors that generate Massive Data.

These Data can be analyzed through Statistical Models and a broader average Algorithm to predict and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness and alert on the Maintenance action even before the problem pops up.

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